dimanche 30 janvier 2011

We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child

*originally posted on thegirslare

Already a hit song for both The Doors and Iggy Pop, rest assured this is no euro trash parody from We Are Enfant Terrible. ‘Wild Child’ is like the scuzzy electro soundtrack to the latest Skins episode or a drrrtier Le Tigre playing out a track from their This Island remixes. It’s hardly surprising then, with such a sound, the band’s first gig was opening for Peaches.

Rather fittingly, the video for ‘Wild Child’ does feature infants in a hazy, vintage home movie style as well as interspersed band shots filmed under some kind of home-made fort (as one only does during their childhood). A far cry from what their name might suggest, We Are Enfant Terrible are a heady mixture of stabbing synths, distorted drum samples and purring Parisian vocals from Miss Clo Floret. At last a French act worth celebrating, tchin-tchin!



vendredi 28 janvier 2011


Admittedly, the festive period has led to a rather lax approach in writings [from the Right Bank or anywhere for that matter!]. However, heading home to Old Blighty for Noel rather than staying au rive droite, it seemed only fair to wait to pen my insightful tit bits once back here in gay Paris...that and frankly, I was far too busy sipping on tea served in china cups and eating copious amounts of Quality Street.

In need of somewhat of a spring clean as well, I am yet to update with some of my latest, and frankly unbelievable, goings on courtesy of thegirlsare!!

The month of December saw the legendary Melissa Auf der Maur play at Le Trabendo here in Paris celebrating her new record, 'Out Of Our Minds', six years after her debut solo effort. I was lucky enough to meet up with the flame haired reine of bass just before the show to discuss being your own manager, disliking bass players and mosaics of Japanese food.

Read the full interview with the Canadian queen, herself here:

[and as if Melissa could have been any more of a humbling and sweet soul, we even got a tweet for the interview from her!!]

    THANKS TO A LOVELY FELLOW RED @THEGIRLSARE FOR GOOD CONVERSATION.. http://bit.ly/gm1iTi 10:32 PM Jan 22nd via TweetDeck
Download the single, ‘Out Of Our Minds’ now.