samedi 18 septembre 2010

Fang Island + The French Horn Rebellion @ Fleche D'Or : 10/09/10

I found a great English site just before departing à Paris listing a multitude of things to do in the city from clubs, to art installations, to live shows. One of the many shows listed on here were Brooklyn based bands, [I am easing into the Parisian music scene!] Fang Island and The French Rebellion.

Fang Island take to the stage first this evening although don't seem to have dressed up for the occasion at all; both lead men retaining their hoodies throughout the entire set which both puzzles and unimpresses me. Penned as 'math rock' in the blurb for the show tonight, I'm prepared for the asymmetrical time signatures and angular chords  but sadly as the three guitars kick in [a little excessive, perhaps?!] it seems more like cock rock to me. There are A LOT of synced riffs here. On a more positive note, the bass player is very charming and does speak very good French to the moderately enthused crowd. Plus, he dabbles on the synth during a few of the bands numbers which is both a welcome and well executed break from the onslaught of strings.

The French Horn Rebellion are, as the name suggests, proudly boasting the use of a French Horn throughout their set, however, this is much more classy than brassy. Labelled a happy equation of Shychild and Chromeo by the NME, I am already excited and as the sparkling synths begin, I am hustled into a panting and heavily adoring throng. Having already bagged the Single of The Week with Les Inrockupitables [this French music magazine now incompasses everyday politics as well as cultural news, cinema listings and reviews] it's easy to see why this duo of keys is such a hit. Their Europhoric sound spans out over grime, disco and, dare I say it, the eighties. Not to mention, they make a hell of a sound for a two piece...or does the horn make them a trio? Either way, a French Horn was certainly what Paris has been missing; join the Rebellion now.

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