jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Plastiscines @ La Cigale, 27.11.10

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Tonight’s show at La Cigale is the final date in the Plastiscines recent ‘Bitch’ Tour, and judging by the throng of devoted fans as well as many of the bands family and friends (later gushed about in the group’s on stage thank-yous), there’s more to these girls than just their formidable faces and figures. These French sisters are doing it for themselves; and in hot-pants, to boot.

Dubbed as the ‘bébé rockers’, being one of several current Parisian teenage bands, from the moment Plastiscines strut out on stage, one can only gaze in awe at their energetic exuberance: legs flailing, hair tossing and heads banging, the band crash into their set with Sex Pistols venom yet maintain their perfectly executed appearance of ‘rock chic’, as if presented in the latest cult fashion shoot. It’s not surprising then that Editor-in-chief of pop culture mag NYLON, in fact founded NYLON Records and signed the Plastiscines as its first act, after seeing them on the cover of French fashion and style magazine Citizen K.

Lit up on La Cigale’s glamorous and majestic stage like some hot guitar wielding Charlie’s Angels, their slender silhouettes are framed by the impressive light show of flashing strobes. Track Loser is met with an impressive and zealous crowd call and response while Myspace favourites,’Pas Avec Toi and Barcelona (both tracks taken from the group’s new album) demonstrate the bands ability to thrash out tight hooks and nifty fretwork, akin to the super cool nonchalance of The Long Blondes or the hearty backing harmonies of their punk rock predecessors, The Donnas .

One criticism to the set list ce soir would be the not-so-inventive, or indeed necessary, covers of both You’re No Good (first a hit for Linda Ronstadt and not to be mistaken for either the Van Halen or Aswad interpretation] as well as the 60′s classic, Be My Baby. Neither of these rather tired and uninspiring revivals compare to the bands own material which oozes class and confidence.

The girls saunter off after their double (yes, double) encore to a raucous, and more than deserved, final applause. With a glittering array of talent and charm as well as a powerful on-stage prowess, Plasticines truly represent a new rock elite.  Mon dieu, save these queens.

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