lundi 4 octobre 2010

Rivkah @ L'International, 27.09.10

L'International is a curious place. It oozes Art School bar with a dash of grimy Camden Club and thus, plays hosts to some of the freshest up and coming acts [internationally speaking, of course, name and all] within it's weathered and band sticker sodden walls.

Rivkah could be plainly described, and as her myspace insists on doing so, as a singer/songwriter; often playing the piano and/or synth. A far cry from reality, the suggestion is hardly alluring and only conjures up images of some coy mouse softly singing Sheryl Crow covers to a dismal crowd. Thankfully, as Sheryl so poignantly put in fact, these are the days when anything goes and Rivkah is a refreshing mix of haunting, layered harmonies and tinkering abstract noises and instruments.

Like Île-de-France's own Regina Spektor, Rivkah sprinkles bite size snippets of her vast [and very impressive] vocal range over layers of her own unorthodox approach to percussion and instruments; utilising the mic itself to tap out rhythms on the body of her piano and steadily building the sound of the band through only her sole self.

It is both intriguing and inspiring. At times, it is so French too that I am plunged into the familiar yet bygone days of Les Triplettes de Belleville or its English equivalent [and a thoroughly recommended film choice] Belleville Rendez-vous as her vocals spiral around one another like those of the 1930s ladies jazz trio.

Although not quite the same as the Triplets domicile jam session [the scene in the fancy restaurant] using just a newspaper, refrigerator, vacuum and bicycle wheel; Rivkah is truly imaginative and innovative in her approach to music and it is utterly captivating. She may not be from those parts but I certainly found a Belle in the Ville of Paris tonight. Now, all that's left is for her to branch out with that tired copy of Direct Soir on the Metro...

Belleville Rendez-vous -

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