dimanche 17 octobre 2010

I'm Fresh! You're Pretty + Bryan Smith Industry +The Rambling Wheels @ L'International, 11.10.10

Initially, it's hard not to associate The Rambling Wheels with The Hives. The two bands rocking the same sharp white suits and brandishing similar coiffured locks including some very commendable facial hair in both camps [each with simiarly impressive titles - Dr Matt Destruction/Mr Jon Fox] It would seem then, that the art of good old fashioned Rock and Roll is rife in both Sweden and Switzerland as this Swiss three piece swagger and swank through a set of frivolity and showmanship. Hardcore musicians may dismiss all this jollity but when the boys adorn 5 unknowing girls from the audience with cardboard cut out guitars to join them on stage for their last song, you can't dispute the entertainment factor. Like Roy Lichenstein's take on Pop Art, The Rambling Wheels are the perfect pop tarts sketching songs with the three primary elements; simple hooks from the Blues, jangly, 60s rhythms with Red hot hooks and mellow Yellow merriment. Just as Pop Art didn't strike out with the most radical stance towards Art, The Rambling Wheels aren't rocket science but they sure make a big bang.

The Bryan Smith Industry honestly lost me at their questionable band name. Yet, knowing not to judge a book by its cover perhaps, there really is a darker side to this French foursome hinted at through their name sake and Stephen King fictional star, Bryan Smith? In short, no there isn't. Fronted by a French looking Chace Crawford [Gossip Girl reference, anyone?] The Bryan Smith Industry has a very out dated and tired sound for such an ultimately, young band – a kind of growly 90s Puddle Of Mudd [wah] vocal, one song is relatively pleasing but a whole set is a bit abrasive. One could argue that the boys are Paris based and, après tout, that is fundamentally what I should be exposing on here but it would be a dismal thing to assume this is really all France's capital has to offer.

NB. Even the bands press pictures were outdated and with predictable [and overused] fish eye lens thus, couldn't bear to tar my blog with one but on the plus side, I think putting effort into a good moustache deserves additional photo space for The Rambling Wheels on here.

There was one resounding factor that led me here to see French electro trio, I'm Fresh! You're Pretty at L'International tonight; anyone that can conjure up an electro doused version of the 2 Unlimited classic, No Limit is a definite winner in my eyes [no, seriously check out their myspace!] Look past this 90s nostalgia though and you will find some equally admirable originals. New single, 'Everywhere, Anymore, Anyone,' is bubbly mix of fizzing synths and sugary guitars, with Chupa Chup chants like that of sweet sixteen cheerleaders. Their drummer, and the bands lead singer, is like one part electro robot, one part Steven from Blood Red Shoes [admittedly, not in appearance] with his quick wit and yelps. If Paris had a sound it would definitely be this, just like B.R.I.A.N himself says in the bands former single, 'I'm from Paris, it's crazy! The only thing left to ponder is if they take requests as I am pretty sure that The Outhere Brothers equally deserve some sort of revival....

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