dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Christy and Emily @ L'International, 28.10.10

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As the name suggests, Christy and Emily is quite literally the musical amalgamation of both New York rocker, Christy Edwards and Columbia trained pianist, Emily Manzo. More like the John and Jen of Brooklyn rather than the comedy coupling Chas and Dave, Christy and Emily combine their velvety vocals and whirling keys over a plateau of layered guitars and sounds.

Tonight's date at l'International is nestled in amongst the bands current European tour and in honour of their new record, 'No Rest'[produced by Hans Joachim Irmler of 'krautrockers' Faust, no less]. For this evening, despite the initial duo reference within the name, the two are, en fait, joined by an on-stage drummer with sparing fills and sombre floor tom that only adds to the groups live intensity.

The melody to set opener, 'Firefly,' flits through the crowd as Christy builds up layers of balanced and measured tones, only to enter the throng with two drum sticks in hand, weaving in and out of audience members like a mobile metronome. Edwards is certainly loop pedal savvy; an element to the bands sound that really sets them apart, enabling them to create a sound far more extensive than one would expect from this perfect pairing.

Even the on-stage banter of the group illustrates the true power of this bands fragile folk; they divulge that even the burly hardcore rockers they recently shared a stage with in Prague admitted to weeping through their penultimate track, 'Guava Tree'. As the delicate first chords swoop in, it's easy to see why.

Like the luminous firefly herself, Christy and Emily emit a light that is both powerful and intense. Tonight, Paris is under its bright glare...and it feels electric.


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