lundi 1 novembre 2010

Sweet Like Chocolate

Salon du Chocolate @ Parc des Expositions- 30/10/10 - 01/11/10

All this weekend, whilst the world celebrates a spooky Hallows eve by carving out plump pumpkins and the impossible task of bobbing for an apple, the French are far more content to cash in their candy for something a little harder and something that Parc des Expositions seems to have in abundance; something, like chocolate.

Down in the 15th of France's capital, Parc des Expos has opened its doors to all those craving a sugar hit displaying and showcasing a magnitude of sweet treats and chocolate creators that would baffle even Willy Wonka and his bubblegum wallpaper. Not to mention, there is no need for fancy dress nor a golden ticket here either [although entrance is a little steep so you are well advised to take full advantage of all the free samples!]

From the Baileys stand offering out petite sized shots of the creamy liqueur to the rainbow coloured macaroons all lined up like the jars of coloured bon bons in a sweet shop, Salon du Chocolate really is a chocoholics' dream.

So, whilst I hunt around the local markets and supermarchés for my perfect pumpkin, it would seem this weekend in Paris, it's all about cocoa and Kalua rather than cackles and cauldrons. Many leave the exhibition hall stuffed with roasted pralines and bitter coffee cups while the show draws to a close with a catwalk which even features models sporting the stuff; as novel creations and couture are all fashioned out of the cocoa nectar.

Despite all this, like Snow White to the poisoned apple, I am still missing my bucket filled with the crisp fruit and the cheeky toothy grin of an organic orange lantern. All this chocolate contouring is impressive but can they carve a pumpkin?

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